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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

1. General Questions

1.1 What is DrawBioPath?

DrawBioPath is a web-application for creating graphical representation of DNA and RNA metabolic and repair pathways. DrawBioPath is written in JavaScript and is based on fast, free, web-editor - SVG-edit. The aim of DrawBioPath is to give people a tool for drawing colorful, clear pictures of metabolic pathways of DNA or RNA. These pictures can be use for publications, theses or posters.

1.2 How to cite DrawBioPath?

DrawBioPath is not published. If you have used our program please refer to program website: http://genesilico.pl/software/drawbiopath.

1.3 What is DrawBioPath licence?

DrawBioPath is free of charge for academic and commercial users. The code is published under the conditions of the Apache License 2.0. Apache License.

1.4 What system does DrawBioPath work on?

DrawBioPath has been tested and run on both Linux and Windows systems. Due to lack of Mac stations program have not been tested under Mac, sorry.

1.5 What web browsers do DrawBioPath work on?

DrawBioPath has been tested and work in any modern browser:

  • Firefox 1.5+,
  • Opera 9.50+,
  • Safari 4+,
  • Chrome 1+,
  • Internet Explorer 6+ (with the Chrome Frame plugin, native IE9).

1.6 What language is DrawBioPath written in?

DrawBioPath code is 100% JavaScript. It is based on SVG-edit (free, web-based editor).

1.7 How to get help with the program?

We recommend to start from DrawBioPath documentation materials such as README file and FAQ. If it is not sufficient please do not hesitate to contact as directly under zbalcer@genesilico.pl or callisto.zuz@gmail.com.

1.8 Who can use DrawBioPath?

DrawBioPath has been made for people interested in creating biological pictures and schemes for publications, posters, theses (especially images concern DNA and RNA metabolic and repair pathways) and for users of R'N'B database and REPAIRtoire database.

1.9 How to start using DrawBioPath?

DrawBioPath is available under Draw a picture. Also it is a part of R'N'B database and will be a part of REPAIRtoire database (choose option "Draw a picture" from left panel).

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